How do I Clean a Pool Filter


A clean pool filter is crucial for maintaining bather comfort and extending the life of pool equipment.
Instructions; How do I Clean a Pool Filter:

Step 1: Clean a crushed sand filter by back flushing water through the system on a regular basis (about once a month). Your system’s pump station will come with instructions on how to reverse the water flow to clean the debris from the filter.

STEP 2: Replace the sand in a crushed sand filter completely every three to five years, depending on the amount of use the pool gets during each season and the kinds of large airborne contaminants your filter encounters.

STEP 3: Replace the diatomaceous earth in a diatomaceous earth filter two or three times a year to make certain the grid-structured system filter is working at maximum efficiency.

STEP 4: Rinse a modern enhanced cartridge filter in the sink when the pressure gauge on your pump begins to show a rise in pressure of 10 or more lbs., and then place it back into the unit.

STEP 5: Replace the cartridge of these modern enhanced filters every two to three years. You will know its time to replace the filter when the pressure doesn’t go back down to the normal range; it has become clogged with hard deposits that cannot be rinsed out.

Tips & Warnings; How do I Clean a Pool Filter

Diatomaceous earth, or DE, filters use tiny fossil skeletons as a filtering agent. The DE is placed into a grid system that the water runs through.
Crushed sand filter systems are being outlawed in a growing number of areas because of the need to back flush, which causes contaminated water to mix with groundwater supplies.

The new enhanced cartridge filters far outperform the old cartridge type systems and the other methods described here without being damaging to the environment; they are the future in pool filtering. I Hope this has answered your question on how do I clean a pool filter. More detail on Waterco Filter:

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