Pool filter lid and gauge maintenance

Waterco-Outdoor-Water-Filter-Malaysia-W250Maintaining pool filter lids and gauges

There may be leaks on the filter lids, either on the pressure gauge air relief valve component, or on the O-ring that seals the lid to the tank. It is often simple to fix a lid O-ring. Try removing it, cleaning it, turn it over or turn it inside out and put it back in place. If this does not take care of the leak, then you need to replace it.

If the O-ring is not the cause of the leak, it could be that the outdoor water filter is cracked on the rim of the lid or the tank where the O-ring is situated. Examine the areas that are prone to cracks and see if there are any visible hairline cracks, which may be the cause of the leak.

Also air relief valves could be causing the leak if they are worn out, or merely dirty. Some valves are equipped with a spring to apply tension, thereby creating a watertight seal. If the spring gives out, it will cause the seal to give out also. Other valves have an O-ring on the end of the part that screws in the valve to form a seal. If there is a leak with this type of valve, you need to completely unscrew the valve and take out the screw part to inspect the O-ring. Then you can take out the O-ring and replace it. You may also unscrew the air relief valve out of the T assembly; replace the valve and apply Teflon tape or pipe dope and screw it back in place.

Another part that feeds into the T assembly is the pressure gauge. If there is a leak at that point, unscrew the gauge, then put Teflon tape or pipe dope on the threads and screw it back into position.

If your gauge registers low or does not register at all, remove it and clean out the opening at the bottom of the gauge. Sometimes dirt or DE will clog the hole which will stop the water from entering the gauge.

If you take out a pressure gauge or air relief valve, secure the T with pliers or a wrench while removing the element because the T assembly can effortlessly come loose or break off the filter lid if it is not held securely while you are removing or replacing a gauge or valve.

The T assembly itself may come loose at the location where the nipple goes through the hole in the lid. Take off the lid and make the nut tighter from underneath the lid. You will not have this type of problem with filters where the nipple is welded to the lid, unless, of course, you break the weld. More detail on Waterco Filter: https://waterfilter.my/

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