Pool filters maintenance

Waterco-Outdoor-Water-Filter-Malaysia-W250There are several different factors to repairing and maintaining your filter, such as installing the actual filter: plumbing; cleaning it and keeping it clean; and of course, taking care of any problems that may arise.

To install your swimming pool filter, your need to follow some simple guidelines for the installation process. The important procedures are listed below, but first of all, keep in mind that it is only a basic guide and you need to check with your installation book that you received from the manufacturer
before you actually install your filter. You don’t want to begin cutting PVC pipe and greasing the O-rings before you know for certain what you need to do.

Examine the entire system, including the design, electrical and plumbing before you undertake the installation task. Some of the more simple tasks may make a big difference on how your filter operates.

You want your pool filter to have the best water flow possible, therefore, you need to carefully examine the plumbing. The plumbing should be devised and set up with the fewest lines and smallest number of fittings possible. If you need to install the filter somewhat of a distance away from the pool, the pipe size must be enlarged between the filter and the pool so that it will reduce the head resistance and make up for a longer run time.

A slab of concrete (either poured concrete or a concrete block) or brick make up the equipment pad on which the filter will be mounted.

It is best if filters are located as close to the pool as possible. Do not install a filter on a wood surface as it may warp or rot underneath the filter and damage the unit. The filter must be level when mounted; otherwise, it may cause the filter to vibrate or not operate up to its capacity. When you install the filter remember to allow plenty of room to work on your filter if the need should arise. Also make sure to have sufficient drainage.

The filter needs to be grounded since the pump motor runs on electricity even though the actual filter is not directly hooked up to electricity. Make sure you obtain the services of an electrician to undertake this procedure. The set up must conform with the local and national electric codes.

It is very important to integrate the filter into the entire circulation system, as well as the pool’s electrical system, which is why it is important to position the unit in the proper location. More detail on Waterco Filter: https://waterfilter.my/

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