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Waterco W250 Outdoor Water Filter

The Waterco Micron W series Waterco W250 Outdoor Water filter, filters all water entering the house and provides clear water to every tap. Waterco W250 water filter can filter clean water for cooking, refreshing bathing and showering, and cleaner water for laundry. It also helps to extend the service life of household drinking water purifiers. The inner of Waterco W250 is full of Zeoplus (zeolite), it helps to filters out all the mud, sands, rusted water, dirt, partial of chlorine and smell in the water.

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Waterco W250 water filter

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Waterco W250 outdoor water filter

Waterco W250 Sand Filter

There are three (3) process of filtration.

Sieving – Particles larger than the particle spacing of the filter medium are blocked on the surface of the filter bed

Depth Filtration – Most of the filtration takes place in the filter bed. The gap between the filter media forms a tortuous path to capture small particles

Adsorption – The ability of the filter to filter fine particles is also due to the adsorption of the filter medium-that is, when the particles adhere to the surface of the filter medium.

Zeoplus is a filter medium with enhanced adsorption capacity

Waterco W250 water filter price 2023

Waterco W250 Outdoor Water Filter Price

Strength and Durability 

The innovative design and excellent construction technology of one micron W make it enough to cope with the working pressure up to 700kpa. (Equivalent to 71 tons per square meter.)


Refined Filament Winding

Waterco‘s advanced filament winding machine winds a continuous glass fiber thread on the inner water tank of the filter to strengthen the filter so that it can withstand high water pressure and fluctuating water pressure.


Currently Fibreglass wound filters are rapidly replacing steel filters in numerous water applications around the world

Unlike steel containers, FRP containers have a seamless structure, and steel containers have welded joints, which may leak or burst.

Fiberglass containers will not corrode, rust or leave any unsightly stains


Please Note: Micron W Series filters do not filter out chlorine.

The local water authority has increased the safe consumption level of chlorine to disinfect your water supply. Removal of chlorine may lead to the growth of bacteria in the water tank

Waterco water filter recommends using carbon-based water filters only at the “point of use”, such as kitchen sinks


Waterco W250 sand filter in MalaysiaWaterco W250 outdoor filter for house


Waterco W250 home water filter

Waterco W250 water filter Malaysia prices

Waterco W250 water filter after sales service

Waterco W250 outdoor filter installation

Waterco W250 water filtration system

Waterco W250 filter klang valley

Waterco w250

Waterco W250 zeoplus water filter

Waterco W250 outdoor filter with bypass installation


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