Sand filter maintenance


Maintain sand filters

Sand filters clean pools gradually by removing dirt, debris and particles as the water passes through a deep bed of sharp sand. If you charge and maintain your sand filter properly, you will be provided with years of trouble-free service.

The routine service method for sand filters is backwashing. One of the benefits of a sand filter is that it has the capability of operating indefinitely without the need for fresh sand. Whereas, with D.E. or cartridge filters, you must open them to clean them periodically and replace the media.

Depth filtration is the process by which sand filters clean the water. This process is accomplished when the dirt goes through the sand bed and is caught in the minute spaces between the grains of sand. With cartridge and D.E. filters, dirt and particles are caught on the surface of the media.

The sand filter must be backwashed routinely in order for the depth filtration to be effective. If backwashing is not done routinely, dirt and debris will build up on the surface of the sand bed. This will cause shorter cycles, channeling and inadequate filtration. However, if you backwash too often, you may also hinder the filtration process. If the sand bed is thoroughly clean, some of the dirt particles will pass through without being filtered. The bed will accumulate dirt and the filter will catch the small elements. From this situation, you may conclude that if you clean the media too much, it will prohibit the sand filter from working properly. More detail on Waterco Filter:

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