Waterco Water Filter Service & Maintenance

Waterco Water Filter Service & Maintenance

Micron W & WD filters are ideal for water treatment applications, there are two models Waterco W250 and Waterco W300 MKII. It provides an effective method to remove sediment in the incoming water before it is used directly or stored in a water tank. We recommend user do Waterco Water Filter service regularly every 5 years, which we will send service partner to replace the media (zeoplus) inside the waterco filter tank.

The unique feature of the Micron W filter is its user-friendly multi-port valve (MPV), which controls and facilitates all operational functions required by the filter. The Waterco micron W filter can be easily applied to carbon filtration and mixed bed filtration . For more information, please consult our Waterco dealer which model is suitable for home use or look for our Waterco Service Partner for service & maintenance works.

The water flows from the source (such as water pipes, water pipes, etc.), passes through the Waterco multi-way valve (MPV), and leads down to the top of the filter bed. When the water flows through the filter bed, the debris is trapped, and clean water flows through the side pipes and upwards through the center pipe. The clean water then flows back to the MPV and is directed to the outlet.

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Waterco Water Filter Authorized Service Center

Address: 163G, Jalan PUJ 3/3, Taman Puncak Jalil, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Service Line: 010-6667431 (Vicky) / 012-3321190 (Wong)

Office: 03-95437431

Waterco Service & Installation Guide


For home use, the filter is best install at home which immediately after the water meter that come with horizontal concrete surface or a precast concrete slab of appropriate strength.

The filtering device should be located near the drain pipe to minimize the pipes used for waste and backwashing.

Backwashing can be assisted by existing storage tank systems or pump-driven auxiliary tanks.


Be sure to comply with local plumbing codes. The filter can be piped to the drinking water system, so it is subject to any local regulations that may apply. Ensure that all wastewater treatment regulations comply with local, state, or national regulations. Do not discharge water to places that will cause flooding or damage

Pay special attention to the backwash waste line. If there is not enough air gap between the waste water pipe outlet and the waste water drain pipe, a siphon pipe may be formed, and part of the waste pipe waste may be sucked into the water filter.

This may result in a bad “cross-connection” between safe and unsafe water supplies. If the inlet water pressure is higher than 60% of the maximum working pressure of the water tank, a pressure regulating valve (PRV) must be installed upstream of the filter inlet.

PRV should be set to 90% of the maximum working pressure of the tank. If the inlet water pressure is lower than 150kPa/22psi, sufficient backwashing cannot be achieved. In this case, a booster pump should be used.

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